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SailingEase .NET Resources Tool is a utility that supports multi-language software development. Its fundamental purpose is to constrain the implementation of different language resources, so developers can use resources based on an interface.
In addition, a variety of useful functions, such as parallel editing for multiple projects, resources import, Excel import/export are provided for ease of use by developers.

Constrain the Implementation of Multi-Language Resources by Using an Interface
Constrain the implementation of language resources by a generated interface.
Developers can get resources from the code automatically by a generated language resource management class and a resource interface.

Access language resources through an automatically generated main class
Can get all available resource files as well as resources in use through an automatically generated main class. As interface-based method is used, resource users do not need to care about what specific resources are currently in use.
.NET-based private resource processing mechanism
It is entirely built on .NET’s private resource processing mechanism. Resx resource files are used to store resources. It is easily compatible with existing programs and maintains backward compatibility.
Also support getting resources directly by calling with resource name strings as arguments
Support the traditional method of locating and getting resources by strings and can realize extensive applications such as automatic UI-layer resource binding.
Export to/from Microsoft Excel
Convenient for localizers to translate and proofread.


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